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New York City - Other

See also: New York Trips & Travel, Dark Eating

Don't forget to always check Citysearch or listen to 880 am (traffic on the 8s) or 1010 am (traffic on the 1s), there are parades way too often in the city and they really make traffic unbearable sometimes.

NYC Goth discussion list 

To get on Althea's NY gothic mailing list for events and gothy stuff or to have your event posted there send e mail to: nygothic@razorwire.com.

Citysearch: New York - They have a great listing for NYC clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. The events are not always up to date for the club and event venues, but they do have accurate addresses for nearly every bar and club in NYC and they do list most of the current or recently diseased goth clubs. It gives details on each club/bar, the type, size, atmosphere, easiest ways to get there, maps, and even a list of nearby restaurants. Here's the place to get info on restaurants, bars, movies, theatre, shopping, hotels, museums, weather, and more.

Broadway Shows
(check first this may be out of date)

Wicked: a Musical - I read this book years ago, it is the Wizard of Oz as told from the wicked witch's point of view. It opened Oct 2003 at the Gershwin Theatre 222 West 51ST st, NYC, still playing as of March '04. See Ticketmaster for tickets, they are $40/$70/$100 and are on pre sale as of June 2003. Citysearch page.

Avenue Q: the Musical - Sesame Street on crack. I WILL see this, soon. Current as of March 2004. Playing at John Golden Theatre 252 W 45th St., New York, NY (Bet Broadway and 8th Avenue), (212) 239-6200. Shows are Tues-Sat 8 pm, Sat 2 pm & 8 pm, Sun 2 pm & 7pm. Citysearch page. Telecharge's site wasn't working when I tried to find ticket prices but I have heard if you buy them from the theatre it's half price and something close to $11.

Chicago - I was forced to see this on a business trip, didn't impress me much, plain simple black costumes, no changes of them, the dancers were fine but the choreography was a little plain for Broadway. The hilight was that when I saw it Bebe Neuwirth (Lilith from Frasier & Cheers) starred in it.

Into the Woods - Not currently playing. I never got to see this when it was originally playing, it was revived summer 2002 with Vanessa Williams playing the Witch. I don't really know exactly what it's about other than it's got amazing costumes and it's about fairy tales with a twist all mixed together! It ended Dec 29, 2002 and I never got to see it this time around either. Pooh.

Jekyll & Hyde - Not currently playing.

Off-Broadway Shows

Blue Man Group - Performing their show "Tubes" at the Astor Place Theate,r 434 Lafayette St. New York, NY 10003. For information, tickets and seating call: 212-254-4370. For group sales call: 212-254-4370. Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 Friday-Saturday 7:00, 10:00 Sunday 4:00, 7:00 Saturday Matinees July 3 - 4pm Aug 7 - 4pm Aug 14 - 4pm Aug 21 - 4pm Aug 28 - 4pm. You can get advance tickets from Ticketbastard. They have been performing for years and years, I have been meaning to go see them since 1991 when I first saw a small bit on MTV about them, their audience interactive show is supposed to be amazing. Why haven't I seen them yet? Who the fuck knows.. I'll make it a point to go soon :-). They also have shows playing in Las Vegas, Boston and Chicago now, see the site for details.

STOMP - pop art for the ears, rhythm for the eyes, theater for the feet. It is big, noisy, and irresistible. There are shows worldwide, it has been playing at The Orpheum Theatre in NYC since 1994. Located on 2nd Ave by 8th st (st Marks), NYC, 212-477-2477. You can get advance tickets from Ticketbastard, they range from $25-$50.

Coffee Houses of note

Postcrypt Coffeehouse - in the basement of St. Paul's Chapel on the Columbia University campus in New York City. Columbia is located at 116th St. and Broadway and is most easily accessible by the IRT number 1 or 9 subway. Enter campus on 116th Street and Broadway, and ask at the main gate for directions to the Chapel. Established in 1964, features professional, amateur, and student performers every Friday and Saturday night throughout the academic year from 9:00pm to 12:30am. Admission is always free and open to all. As one of the country's longest running campus coffeehouses, Postcrypt is the home of diverse music - including and extending beyond blues, folk, jazz, rock, country, and a capella - as well as performance art, poetry, comedy, and storytelling. They feature live acoustic music from both local and national acts. When they say acoustic, they really mean it; there are no microphones.

Other places of culture

The Metropolitan Opera - They do Midsummer Night's Dream every year I think, and other high class things.

Brooklyn Academy of Music - a place of culture, dance, ballet, opera, theater, etc. Located at in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. The main BAM building at 30 Lafayette Avenue between Ashland Place and St. Felix Street houses the BAM Opera House, BAMcafe and BAM Rose Cinemas. The BAM Harvey Theater is located a block and a half away at 651 Fulton Street between Ashland Place and Rockwell Place.

The Poetry Project at St. Marks Church - I'm not that into poetry but they've I went to one of their readings with Diamanda Galas, all the poetry read that night was sexual, some of it very perverse and it included Marquis de Sade works. Located at 131 E. 10th St. between 2nd & 3rd Aves, NYC, it's a beautiful church too.

Last Wednesday every month the Barnes & Noble in Bay Terrace, Queens, NY on Bell Blvd has a horror novel discussion list. Past books were Poppy Z. Bright's Lost Souls, Dean Koontz's Seize the Night, Kim Newman's Anno Dracula, and Thomas Harass's Hannibal. I assume you can call the store to find out more info.

The New York Swing Dance Server - calendar, clubs, and descriptions of how to do the steps.

vOID is an electronic lounge featuring artist films and video, experimental music and computer interactivity. It is an extension to the proverbial gallery, where people can come, experience and participate in these ever emerging mediums of expression. located in SoHo, New York City at 16 Mercer Street (corner of Mercer and Howard streets, 1/4 block north of Canal). Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8pm - 2am, Friday, Saturday 8pm - 3am. vOID is available Sunday and Monday for private parties. See the website for more details.


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