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For browsing this page(hey, and it'll do for any page) you probably want some Surge or Jolt to go with it.


Natural disasters are a reality. Never hurts to be prepared.

FEMA: Preparing For A Disaster

Y2K Kitchen : Disaster Preparedness at - emegency tips and recipes, how to prepare your kitchen for any natural disaster or state of emergency, pantry basics, emergency cooking equipment, etc.

Survival Food and Emergency Preparedness Equipment

Y2K for Women - I don't think the page gets updated anymore but may still have some interesting info.

National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center - Latest forecasts, warnings, and analyses.

No Such Thing As Doomsday - A book on how to prepare for Power Outages, Terrorism, War, and Other Threats.

Aliens UFOs/Aliens

The Schwa Corporation - this used to be just Schwa but it's changed a bit. Go to Exhibits to find Schwa.

The SETI Institute - The Searh For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

CSETI (The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) - the only worldwide organization dedicated to establishing peaceful and sustainable relations with extraterrestrial life forms.

The Planetary Society - My brother informed me of their ongoing Project which allows everyone and anyone to help analyze radio signals on their home computer. It's an easy and automatic process and runs through your screen saver. See the SETI@home section to find out how you can help!

Church of the Subgenius

Official Church of the Sub Genius page - Learn why you need slack in your life.

The Mystical Smoking Head of "Bob"

Rev. Dr. GregTone OverDrive's Extremely Deluxe Web Page and Bodacious Slack Link List

First Online Church of "Bob"


The Green Party - a very new political party worldwide, if I was a joiner, I'd go with them, except they are against the death penalty. Their key values are: Social Justice, Community-Based Economics, Nonviolence, Decentralisation, Future Focus/Sustainability, Feminism, Personal and Global Responsibility, Respect for Diversity, Grassroots Democracy, Ecological Wisdom. Jello Biafra is a member of this party.

Refuse & Resist! - the organization for everyone who refuses to go along with today's national agenda of repression and cruelty, poverty and punishment.

Direct Action Network - creating a movement to overcome corporate globalization and all forms of oppression-a movement united in a common concern for justice, freedom, peace and sustainability of all life, and a commitment to take direct action to realize radical visionary change.

Conspiracy/Anarchy/Freedom/The Truth/X-Files/Censorship/Survival/Paranoia/Anti-Religion Conspiracies and Extremism - the greatest conspiracies of all time: JFK, UFOs, etc.

Conspiracy Theories - this is just some guy's opinions on a few of the more notable conspiracy theories.

Pearl Harbor - Mother of All Conspiracies

False Memory Syndrome Info

The Patrik Pages - Despite being really ugly and way too busy graphically, it has great content for conspiracies, aliens and lots of weirdness.

Rumor Mill News Agency - Serving Freedom and Liberty Worldwide, it was created and is being run by a looseknit coalition of whistleblowers.

And Adam Knew Eve - A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible. - a meeting place for the uninhibited, kewl zine type site.

The Flag-Burning Page - burn a virtual flag here.

The Stalker's Home Page - A Stalking We Go! - Stalking, Privacy, Spying, Snooping! This used to be a favorite of mine, but now when you go to it you get 3 pop up ad windows. Grrr. I hate pop up adds. They should be illegal.

Swift Vengeance - Get Revenge (great Malkavian resource!, formerly The Avenger's Front Page)

Worldwide Piracy Initiative - indexes resources regarding freedom of information and expression, and forbidden knowledge. Lots of good info on how little of a private life we actually have. Includes breaking news articles, online resources for hackers, porn, crypto.. etc.

AOL Watch - includes info on how shitty their security is, reports hacking incidents.

The National Security Archive

Censorship Bills on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's site.

The Free Expression Clearinghouse

McSpotlight - a treasury of dissent and embarrassing details about McDonalds Trials and such

The Sourcebook Project - books you can buy about anomalous phenomena in the fields of biology, archaeology, geophysics, and astronomy.

Mysterious Places

Banned Books On-line

Kennedy Assassination Home Page

The James Randi Educational Foundation - If the truth is out there, how will you find it?

The Why-Files - The Journal of the Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York


Lip Balm Anonymous - Kick the habit. Or not, I've been addicted to the stuff since I was 12 (I'm 28 do the math) and don't see ever quitting... my lips will dry up and fall off if I do!

Quick Trading Company - lots of marijuana books, home of Ask Ed.

Books - Marijuana, mushrooms, grow books, hydroponics.


Pop-Up Stopper™ - god I fucking HATE sites that pop up add windows and all sorts of bullshit. This stops them, I use it.

PopUp Killer - Download this little program and it gets rid of them automatically for you. Never tried this one. HTML/XML JavaScript Shareware/Freeware

Nonags - a large collection of 32-bit Windows software (shareware and freeware) that has no disabled features, nags, time limits, or any other tricks.

Winzip - Yes you need this program. It is for viewing and opening zip files.

Search Voyeur - Lets you snoop on 12 topics being searched currently by other people.

JavaScript for the Total non-programmer

GetRight - Great shareware download manager that works with Netscape or Explorer, allows you to resume downloads of files from the net. This is such a great download manager I acutally paid for it :-)

WebZIP - downloads entire sites or parts of them so you can browse them offline. I reccomend this one highly.

Net Vampire - Free Advanced Download Manager for Windows 95, 98 and NT4. Though it has the cool name goingfor it it's not that great.

Web downloader for intranets

Free Agent Newsreader - This is a really good program for reading newsgroups.

GIF Construction Set™ for Windows - Make Animated Gif's easily.

TrueSpace - a 3D rendering program for graphics and animations, you can get a free trial version from the site. There is also a pretty cool gallery of pictures people did with the program.

Zbrush - great easy to use freeware 3D drawing program.

mIRC - commonly used IRC chat software

Worlds 3D chat - This is a really cool chat program, I haven't tried to use it since I had a totally crappy slow computer but at peeking at the site now they have a Blair Witch world, Hanson world, and Bowie world featured on the home page.

Searching the Web

These are some of my favorite search engines that work real live people like you and me control each section and pick out useful links for almost any topic.

All4one search machine - searches 4 popular search engines simultaneously.

The Informant - saves your search engine queries and will check them periodically and send you email when there are new or updated pages.


Tech Suport Guy - forums, free help.


Knowledge is not a crime. None of this is intended for illegal use. If you find an ftp download site the programs are available to test for 10 days before spending several hundred dollars on them, then they must be deleted and purchased if use will be continued.
I'm not listing those annoying as fuck pages that 10 new banner windows pop up everytime you click something on the page unless they have amazingly good stuff on it. These sites go up and down a lot too.

Astalavista - Daily updated search engine for computer security / hacking related material.

The file download sites are pretty useless nowdays with all the free filesharing things like kazaa.

F.O.S.I. Appz - great site with downloads, no pop up windows and the files are always there. If that url doesn't work try or

FAST FTP Search - Enter the program you are looking for and it finds an FTP site with it. A truly amazing search engine. - Search for warez, mp3s, games, etc. VERY annoying pop up and try to make you download something window.

CrackStore - game cracks, info on how to crack and tools and tutorials.

Nurple - graphics, art, web design, mp3's, warez search, and tons more. You can get Napster and Gnutella here.

DEFCON - Conventions, hacking resources & FAQs. No time to sleep, no time to eat gimmie big mac, fries to go.

2600 magazine - Information Insemination. Great hacking resources.

Black Crawling system archives - a 5 disco ball site: cell phones, encryption, survival, hacking, paranoia, UFOs, NWO. The old link I had died so there's other stuff also on this page but it's probably decent too.

How To Become A Hacker - really good place to start.

Hacker's catalog - The Hacker's Complete Resource Center

Computer Underground Digest - weekly digest/newsletter/journal of debates, news, research, and discussion of legal, social, and other issues related to computer culture.

Cult of the Dead Cow - Warning: This site may contain explicit descriptions of, or advocate one or more of the following: nudity, Satanism, suicide, sodomy, incest, bestiality, sadomasochism, adultery, murder, morbid violence, bad grammar, deviant sexual conduct in violent contexts, or the consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs. But then again, it may not. Who knows?

Information Warfare

Hackers' Hall of Fame

Chaostic - warez gamez, appz, ftp, mp2, hack, crackz, serialz.



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