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Miscellaneous Links

Animation / Films Online

Screenblast - I found this site from a blurb in TV Guide. The blurb pointed out that Seth Green (Of Buffy & Austin Powers) created a film series that is shown on this site called Sweet J Presents (it's in the comedy section), which are hilarious short films done with stop motion animation of action figures. Episode one stars Seth Green & Conan O'Brien in a quest to meet Brittany Spears and Buffy & Willow figures make a guest shot. He uses old & new action figures including one of himself and Willow (who kicks him in the nuts) and Buffy. The first episode of this not for kids cartoon has strawberry shortcake dolls, mcdonalds figures, jar jar binks, dukes of hazzard performing "gay" acts, and a ton more you'll love. The second episode is Real World Metropolis, I'm sure you can guess what it is. They are not for kids by the way. I hope he makes more soon! Also worth watching on the site, in the sci-fi/horror section is a cartoon called Lenore, this is from a great gothy sick comic book by Roman Dirge (he also writes on the Nickelodeon Invader Zim cartoon) that is one of my favorites.

Tons of stop motion animation links

AtomFilms - Claymation/Stop motion animation, cartoon animation, live film, one shots, well knowns (Joe Cartoon, Napster Bad), seriess, etc, watch in real video, quicktime or windows media player. There's a weird series of Alice in Plasmaland, and Tim Burton's Stinboy series is there. At last check the film categories were Animation, Comedy, Drama, Extreme (that means sex), Thriller, & World.

Newgrounds - Lots of sick twisted animated movies & and games, not for the weak at heart or young kids. - Lots of short films to watch online, animation, comedy, erotica, gay & lesbian.

Artists/Art/Still Photography

Mark Harden's Artchive - Goya, Dali, Rembrandt, several galleries, a sculpture garden including Egyptian and Greek, and an extensive "artchive" of nearly every notable artist throughout history. You can also find artists by style (surrealist, impressionist, etc.)

Amano Yoshitaka - gallery, not a ton of pics. Vampire Hunter D cover artist, also did G-Force, my old link to huge gallery is dead now.

Des Manders - He does probably the best drawings of sexy superheroes I have ever seen, color, B&W, most are nude so watch where you click. They are seperated by R and X rated. See Jean Grey and Rogue getting it on among others. Only one section is Des's, there are other great horror/fantasy/fetish, etc artists work shown too.

H.R. Giger's official site - creator of the Alien for the movies.

Francisco Goya - a Spanish artist, died 1774, some of his stuff is really gory, but beautiful. (There are a lot of pictures on this site, but they are all tiny, and lots of broken images and the server is often super slow.)

Goya: The Black Paintings - An exibition of 14 of his paintings originally exhibited in Goya's Quinta del sordo. Also see the artcive and look for Goya.

John Santerineross - His work ranges - dark, fetish-shock, industrial photography, if you like Joel Peter Witkin you should see his work. This artist lives in NJ, see, the vast wasteland does have some value!

The Fantasy Within by Lorlei - Mermaids, mermaids in bottles, fairies and fantasies, lots of beautiful art.

Winston Smith - you'll probably recognize his Montage Art from things like Dead Kennedy's album covers

John William Waterhouse - Pre-Raphaelite artist, you've probably seen something of his, he's got some nice medieval/renaissance style pictures. This site has a nice gallery with lots of his pictures.

Joel-Peter Witkin - Gallery of the morbid photographer, all his subjects are posed corpses and/or body parts, most of them are pretty disturbing.

Joel-Peter Witkin - another small gallery.

Michael Whelan - science fiction, fantasy, and horror artist

Robert Williams - very bizzare colorful cartoony paintings.

another Robert Williams gallery

Voltaire - NYC based gothic artist, does music, art, comics, has done animation for MTV, often found at the corner table of Yaffa Cafe in NYC and at many goth clubs around the city.

Authors/books/Comic Books

See Book links page

Windows Desktop Themes/Screen Savers/Icons/Cursors/Skins

I do not reccomend using any desktop themes that are exe files, they can seriously mess up your computer! If you cannot live without exe themes install a program like GoBack.

Desktop Themes Unleashed - Every desktop theme you could ever wish for. This page was much better before the age of pop up ad windows and before you had to click 5 things to download each theme.

Dale's Desktop Themes

Desktop Themes Web Ring site list

Kristy's Desktop Creations - mostly little kid stuff

The FUCK Theme - I have never used the theme it's decent, looks free of viruses, it has ton of sound wavs from bands like soundgarden, KMFDM, Revolting Cocks, Stabbing Westward, Manson, etc with the word fuck in them.

My Comet Cursor - Small free program you install that lets you easily change to hundreds of cute cursors ranging from pride to "gothics" to nsynch to jesus to fantasy. You can run this program on your computer but it's newer version is sort of annoying because it runs in the task tray all the time instead of just changing your cursors when you want.

Shell & Desktop Tools - Cursors, Icons, Themes, Wallpaper, Startup/Shutdown Screens, Screen Savers & tools.

Ultimate Savers - tons of screen savers

Screen Savers a 2 z - lots and lots of them.


Fonts for Freaks - Tigre's archive of over 300 fonts, doesn't get updated anymore but still a great place to get spooky fonts.

Alchemy & Hermetic fonts - True-Type Font Collections. Free downloads of symbol fonts: alchemy, hermetic, astrology,

FontGuy - Not sure how many, at least a few hundred, all free, no annoying pop ups, and you don't have to click 10 things to download something.

Bjork Fonts - very very good. fonts - lots of free fonts, no banners, no pop ups, no bs.

CNET Font Tools

1001 Free Fonts - the nice huge font archives just don't stay around long so here's another new one. PC and MAC.

Free Stuff

FREE TREK - Australia's search for dirt cheap airfares, How to get FREE Bonus Frequent Flyer points, and some links to other free stuff.

Trojan Condoms - Go to the free section, now they even have free samples of several of their condoms. You can play some silly shockwave games here too.

More freebee sites

Games Internet Games - Girls who game.

Loop - a cute shockwave game where you catch butterflies.

Mplayer - Free online multiplayer game service.

Vampire Slayer - Online multi player, I think you can just download all the software you need right here.

Half-Life - Online multi player role playing game, I think it's one that you buy the software and there are upgrades and whatnot on this site and you play with others. There is also a vampire game.

Everquest ( - Online multi player role playing game, buy the software, meet up with your friends online.

Baldurs Gate - D&D role playing video game, buy the software, play alone at home or hook up online with your friends.

Dirty Software - Adult java games, must be 18+ to enter the site. Includes Cum on Monica and a dirty casino.

You Don't Know Cock - the ultimate official Primus trivia game. Download and play for hours.

Trendmasters - Tthey used to have lots of small free game to DL or play online, including Mars Attacks, Gumby, ID4, and I dream of Jeanie but I don't see them anymore. Now the site looks totally lame.

The Bob Lancaster Gallery of Unusual Playing Cards - this is a cool page, especially for card collectors. Some decks of cards with cool art are shown, including the Beavis and Butthead one which I proudly own.

Guess the Evil Dictator or Television Sit-Com Character game - You think of an Evil Dictator or a TV sit-com character, it asks you a series of yes or no questions and then tries to guess who you are. If it fails to guess you can add your person to the database.

Phantasmagoria 1 and 2 websites - includes censored shots from the 2nd game, and cheats and easter eggs from both games.

Dreamworks games - makers of Neverhood, a great clamation game, one of the few I own, and Skullmonkeys, it's sort of sequel for PS only.

Happy Puppy - Tons of shareware and demo games.

The Piercing Mildred Game - Online game, your goal is to use the cash you have to get the most tatoos and piercings on your little dude or dudette.

Java Pool Game

Cindy Crawford Concentration

Little Jason's Games Page - Including Lemonade Stand.

Telebubby Fun Land - see what adventures you can help suck suck, sun, Stinky Winky, Dipshit, Lah Lah, and Pojo with.

Urban 75 Magazine's Useless Games Gallery


This is what I went to college for, I have a BA in Equine Business, and now I'm a computer programmer. Go figure. Horses

The Digital Horseman - Specialists in use of digital media for the equestrian community, web, cd-roms, freestyle music. There are a few good movie clips on the sitemap page. I could have sworn they used to have a lot of good animations showing the gaits of the horse, but can't find them now.

Equine shape shifting page - methods, stories, artwork, how to actually make a horse costume.

Coolness and weirdness

iToilet - No explaination needed. Truly funny.

The Oracle of Bacon - Based on the 6 degrees of seperation, that everyone on the planet is connected by no more than 6 people away. Even Bjork is linked not to far from Kevin Bacon.

Robot Frank - This is very funny. It's about the life of this Robot. Urban Legends & Folklore

Urban legends

Red Meat - Very sick and disturbing humor about cows and meat. Go right to the Fresh Meat section for the sick cartoons.

MeatMation - Find out the story of Mr. Beefy & friends. Stories use pictures of the charcters, which are really gross and made of different meat parts. Disturbing.

I bleed for this? - basically an online angst filled zine, quite amusing.

Church of Euthanasia - It's 4 pillars are suicide, abortion, cannibalism, & sodomy.

Cult of the Dead Cow - old not updated version of CDC.

The Polygamy Page

Antique Vibrator Museum - The vibrator was not originally meant for naughty purposes. Suuuuure it wasn't.

The Useless pages

Freeze Dried Kook's Museum - With sections like Schizophrenic Wing, Conspiracy Corridor, Hall of Hate, Monuments to Kookdom, how can you not visit this site? (It's not being updated anymore but you can still view the permanent archives)

The Earchives - lots of sounds, movies, cartoons, TV shows, etc, and a voice synthesizer.

Anonymous Aud's E-Mail Death Threats

Cat Scan Contest - A must see for cat lovers! People stick their pussys on their flatbed scanners and the pictures look all squishy and weird.

Bert is Evil!

Fertnel - Fertnel is a huge, multi-national snack cheeze and snack cheeze by-products company. (Well, not really, it's a parody.)

Phos4 News Magazine - Silly news stories. (By the creator of Fertnel)

Olean - Procter & Gamble's Fat substitute product. Eww.

Grrl Enterprises - A site for women. Nice Bettie Page photo gallery in the Heroes section, a few goth links here and there, and a great dating guide for every type of boy.

Museum of Menstruation

Drunk Browsing Text

Timothy Leary - Revolutionary psychedelic philosopher who died in 1996.

Java Chalkboard - you can leave your mark on it

Heather Has Two Mommies - A politically correct story, has a few links to other pc stories also.

White Trash Cafe - A spin on celebrity restaurants.

Crazy Stuff - Has quite a few links to silly weird web sites, though I don't think this has been updated for several years.

The Surrealist Compliment Generator

Prozac PEZ - The World Would Be a Happier Place If Antidepressants Were Distributed in PEZ Dispensers!

The Dark Side of PEZ

The SPAM CAM - The page that seeks to answer the question: IS SPAM ORGANIC? - however, it's only an archive of findings now, they did what they had to.

FAT!SO? - People who don't apologize for their size. You are greeted on their homepage with big nude butts.

General Delivery University, Get your diploma here!

A Black Hole

The Strait Dope - Fighting ignorance since 1973. This is the authorized Internet home of Cecil Adams, World's Smartest Human Being. He answers those questions you ask your parents and they look at you like you are from outer space.

The British Monarchy - the Queen of England's official site

School Sucks - A huge database of research papers for school online. "Most of your professors don't even have a minor in education. If they don't respect education, why should you?"

The Exploratorium - Do your own cow's eye dissection (it's in the learning studio). Step-by-step, hints and tips, and more, among other science stuff.

Alt Culture - "An encyclopedia of '90s youth culture that spans grunge and gangsta, indie rock and indie film, cyberpunk and street fashion, extreme sports and political correctness, infomercials and zines. alt.culture both documents and participates in the nexus of popular culture and digital media." Search any film, artist, musician and find articles on them. They have a nice bio for Björk.

the Hairy Human's Homepage

Iowa State University's Tasty Insect Recipes

Kevin Kelm's "54% shinier" home page - make sure you checkout the storytime library for Curious George and the High-Tension Power Line, James and the Giant Roll of Barbed Wire, Horton Hires a Whore, and Henry's Red Baloon.

Bungee Disasters - no pics, just stories

Jesus Christ's home page

The Bastard Son of the Lord Home Page

Rate Your Risk - Find out your chances of being raped, robbed, stabbed, shot or beaten!

Ask Sister Rossetta - Advice Straight from the Bible. Each Week, Nuns, Clergy and Regular People like YOU ask Questions of the Lavender Nun...

Weird Religions

Drunk Industries - Photos & videos of drunk idiots puking.

Phallic Symbol Collection - buildings, food, oddities, locations, art.

LoserNet - includes The Loser Living Upstairs, the Adventures of America's Favorite Loser.

(thing) Dance / Just Plain Disturbing

Lap Dance - This is a Flash movie and not quite the same as the other dances, but I stuck it here because of it's name. If you have ever had a cat you HAVE to see this one.

The Hampster Dance - The one that started it all.. this site now has a collection of dances on it. (It was down last I checked)

The Bat and Vampire Dance

The Ferret Dance - because everyone knows ferrets are much cooler than hampsters.

The Rat Dance - this one's for Rob!

Smilies - oh god. run!

Jesus Dance

Extra Miscellaneous

Cnet's Favorite Net Hoaxes - you know that every forward you get is bullshit don't you.. please don't forward crap, even jokes. Nothing, please, I'm begging you. - Hoax, Myth, Fraud, Chain Letter and Anti-Spam Sites. - Truth about computer virus myths & hoaxes.

Anti Virus Research Center - Virus Hoaxes

The History of the Lobotomy!

QuickTime Movies - think different parody, Bill Gates on South Park, some NIN, THX trailer, Motral Kombat 4 teaser, ThunderCats, He-Man, SilverHawks, Voltron, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Inspector Gadget, X-Men, Ghostbusters, other 80's favorites, The Ambiguously Gay Duo, Apple commercials: Lemmings, SNL Power to Crush the other Kids, SNL Mac Post-it Notes, the power to be your best, the power to save the world, her majesty's secret serpent, exploding mac, and the highly reccommended by me Beta Testers. Animal Rights Environmental Issues

Ticket Fighting Info and Strategies - You have to be a member to get most of the info off this site.

Free-n-Cool Sites - Intensely Cool Sites (by Intense they mean lots of advanced features and/or multimedia)

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

Name analysis

Time Capsule - pop in your date of birth and get a report of what happened that year, top songs, top movies, and prices of things.

The Unisex Omnisexual Purity Test - you need a lot of time to answer about 400 questions!

Nature/Wilderness/Science/Stuff you'd find on The Discovery Channel

Bad Science - Be very, very careful what you put into that head, because you will never, ever get it out. - Cardinal Wolsey (1475?-1530)

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit

How Stuff Works - My mom & dad needed this site when I was a wee lass long ago in the stone age of the 70s-80s. Find out everything from how coffee is harvested, to to how computers and the internet work.

Personal Pages of my old old Prodigy Friends

Most of them don't even have a reciprocal link back. Hmph. Some friends.

BLuERoSE's Garden of Dark Delights - home of a perkygoff

Nick Carroway's Comedy and Tragedy - (formerly known to us by Esoteric One, my "adopted" little brother), he hasn't touched the site for a few years but he still is around for those of you who want to email him or AIM chat.

Fifth Dream

Hug Heaven - The page of none other then Hugmeister. Watch out for all caps type, of course you can't see it over the background image. Huggy needs a web designer. *nods*

Mariasu - last updated May 1999.

Narcissa's McDonald Manor - The beautiful Lisa/Narci was wed in March of 1998, and had a baby in 2000! Her site is maintained out of Florida, and has Halloween stuff like how to build Halloween haunts.

Sagitta's Corner - last updated 1999.

SeraphN'Syns/Tiffany's Padded Room - current keeper of the Seraph Family

Sola's site - The Tunnel

Todd's Graveside Terrors - cemetary photos, goth stuff.

Personal Pages of NYC & NJ goths

DrX's Corner - industrial, new wave, gothic music, NJ events.

Ghostwriter/Ron Garcia - Ron is half of one of the sweetest, ahem, er that is.. dangerous, spooky couples I know, Nancy is his girl and they can be spotted at various NYC bars & clubs and on their Motorcycles.

Personal Pages of other people

Angelboi - this is one of the shrinking few friends I consider to be part of my "pack." As sweet as he is pretty, we've vent and listen to each other's misery whenever needed.

Bathsheba's Miasma - a gothic page

Scott Crawford's Big, Black Cock - I've known this loser for almost 10 years but we've only become friends the past 3 or 4. Prepare to be offended, disgusted and enraged, and don't miss mall notes and erections. He also makes some gothic type music.

Dan's World - Coming to you from Vancouver, B.C. Canada, some goth stuff.

The Darkness and The Light - this guy was born almost the same place I was, and played on the same playground when we were kids, we met online in our older years.

Dominick's Inferno - vampires and role playing

Rob Divine - This nyc goth has his own dance troup, Shadows of Angels Dance Company, specializing in goth ballet/jazz performances! He's been a good friend, though most of our relationship has been via the net, we've vented more than enough times to each other.

Tinkerhell's Realm of Mother Tink - She makes beautiful faery wings, lives in TX, and does lots of nifty things for such a youngun.

Tr011 Werks - An old friend of mine who isn't really goth, though probably is moreso then he thinks. We worked together at Borders and then again as web programmers for Penton.

Prince Lazarus's World of Darkness - I found him in a Vampire Pub somewhere on IRC.

Sagacity's Cathedral of Thorns

Serious not that fun, but useful stuff

I've moved all links to software to the Hacking links page.

DebtFree - I truly believe credit cards are horrible evil things. Yeah great idea, give college kids a free candy bar or plastic mug as an incentive to "merely" apply for a credit card. So here I am at 29 still paying off those cards and it's driving me insane. I make a lot of money and I'm still broke all the time, and I'm not even in half as deep as a lot of my friends. Use this as a big fuck you to credit card companies and get rid of all your credit cards in 5 years or less. They'll factor your salary, what you pay in rent, utilities, groceries, gas, etc and you pay one payment to them per month and they pay your credit cards. They also get a much lower interest rate than you do from your credit cards and loans, and they only charge about $37 a month set fee, no catches that I can find so far. I'm cutting up all but one card, for emergencies only, and just going to save up my nice fat web programmer salary to buy shit I want. This is legit, I have been using them for a year in case you are scared of scams, and you do have to give them your bank account number.

PRIO - Prescription Glasses For Computer Eyestrain. I have these, I was getting the headaches and everything, they do help significantly.

Yahoo People Search - all you stalkers can find people. But then, maybe not, I put in my own name, state and city and they didn't find my # or anything.

Truly Useless, but slightly entertaining after consuming varying amounts of varying drugs

Name that Candybar

Solving Rubiks Cube

Virtual Gifts/Cards/Flowers

Save the trees

Send a Turd - send a real or virtual turd to your loved/hated ones! (At last check it was down, possibly hacked)

Victorian Trading's victorian ecards

Links to several great sites with Victorian, vintage, and tea themes.

Postcards from the Grave - from City of the Silent

Kinky Cards - These are great pictures for any occasion, adults only.

Bloodfetish Card - greetings from a vampire, cool vampy artwork

Tarot postcards from the Londa tarot deck, one of my favorites.

Country - some great victorian cards, several pages of fairies, elves & gnomes, flowers, hearts, also some great clip art. - over 3,000 Victorian Postcards, clip art & backgrounds, I think it's pretty much the same as

Virtual Kisses - e-kissing booth, the vampire kiss is cute.

Pacific Products E Greeting cards - some cute animated cards. - lots of weird funny animated and not greeting cards, don't miss the cyber condoms.'s postcards - for your friends with a sense of humor, or not.

The Cyber Greeting Collection - links to tons of virtual things to junk up your friends mail boxes with!!

Net-Spinner's Betty Page Postcards

Virtual Florist - stop wasting paper and poor little flowers

DAIRgram - free cards for every occasion including halloween, many are excellent 3D images.

singing birthday cards

CoolCards - Postcards from the Net. Real postcard style e-cards.


Pee-Wee's Postcard Page - send a pee wee's playhouse postcard

Send a virtual Voodoo doll!

Animated Musical Greeting Card Store

Send an EvilGram


most of these are extra odd or of special interest

My webcam - I don't use it too often, but you never know, sometimes I leave it on my ferret's cage all day while I'm at work.

24Hours Mt. FUJI live - maybe you'll see it erupt. (it was down at last check)

The Webcam Resource - links to over 2,000 cams, updated daily. I have found a lot of these to be down or too busy unfortunatly. Buisness, entertainment, miscellaneous, parodies, personal, and weird and bizzare cams. You'll find cams pointing to refridgeraters, body peircing, feet, ferrets, to live nyc taxi rides, haunted houses.

Discovery online Live Cams - take your pick of bats, cheetahs, naked mole-rats, sharks, ants and more. Everytime you refresh you get more facts about the animal.

NASA Kennedy Space Center cams - a bunch of them so you can keep up on what the government is doing.

Slug Video camera - Veiw images from a camera atop the West Coast Santa Cruz Hotel in Santa Cruz, California.

The CU-seeme cool site - CU-seeme is video chat software, you can get it here as well as chat here.



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