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Zines/Magazine links

Magazine Shop - Sick of staring at your computer? Curl up with a nice, shiny, old fashioned, full color magazine.

E-zine list - lots and lots of online zines, no longer updated.

Babysue - A Parent's Guide to Satanic Cult Ritual Abuse, How To Become A Famous Rock Star, Jesus Hates Stupid Homosexuals Like You, etc.

bOING bOING Digital - underground pop culture zine, they did a John K. (Spumco, Ren & Stimpy) interview.

Caffeine Magazine - a Los Angeles-based poetry/fiction magazine

Chip's humor - He doesn't really have a name for his site, but he's pretty witty, sarcastic, and funny. No wonder, he writes for Playboy magazine in his non spare time.

Computer Underground Digest

Crank - Extra cool and sick bitter youth zine. Shutting down for good at the end of Sept so download any articles you want now. (I like WebZip for that)

Crash Land - the only In-Flight Digizine for today's busy Cybernaught

Creative Football Cookie! - the zine for people who hate stupid people

The Darwin Awards - This is the official place where all those forwards come from. It may not really be a zine but I wanted it on the same page as Fortean Times. It's full of weirdness and stupidities and freaky accidents.

Death News - Sections include Bad News, Bizarre, DeathLinks, Fresh Death and Twisted, Serial Killers, DeathLoops in Quicktime and VIVO format depicting real-life unthinkable scenes of death, torture, mutilation and suffering. From the preview section this site seems really cool, but I've never seen the whole members area.

The Ethical Spectacle - Mission Statement: To shine a lantern on the intersection at which ethics, law and politics meet (or collide) in our civilization.

Fortean Times - The journal of strange phenomenon (aliens, spontaneous combustion, weird of weird). I highly recommend this print magazine to X-Files fans, it's one of my personal favorites.

Fate Magazine - "True Reports of the Strange and Unknown."

Furious Green Thoughts - The e-zine of political mischievousness

High Times - that marijuana magazine

HotWired - Wired online, personally I think Wired blows chunks.

Lumpen Magazine - audio video and print material by troublemakers, artists, cultural workers and activists from around the world. Great mag.

Nerve Magazine - Run by a couple of sex enthusiasts, not porn, more graphic than plain old erotica. The home page features a sexual position of the day. Other sections: personal essays, fiction, sex & society, reviews, erotic excerps, uncensored photography, huge library, and community space.

Omni - science


Roadkill Quarterly - all about, you guessed it, roadkill. Pictures of decaying dead animals and the like.

See Hear's web catalog - great selection of titles if you like poop with your zines. (translation: I used to shop in their now closed real shop in the east Villiage in NYC, I used to love this zine called Fuck. One issue turned out to have real dried human feces smeared all over inside it and the owner said caveat emptor (sp?) - buyer beware).

Spank Magazine - Youth culture online, look for the Surburban Goths article.

STIM - very cool zine, has articles such as: "the allure of skanky girls". The Women's zine has a nice article on style of bathing suit to flatter your body type, ask a jap, boy diagnostics, inside the hairy women's movement.

TIGHT - learn about all kinds of conspiracies, including how chicken mc nuggets have little radio control bugs in them that run off caffeine! Remember, they are always watching. I don't think this is still updated.

Web Techniques Magazine - this is a really good one for web programmers.

Yahoo Internet Life


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