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Vampires/Death/Gore/Goth/Role Playing/Satan/Wicca/Fairies Links

See also: halloween, shopping, clubs, calendar, ren faires, cemeteries

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The Home of a Domestic Goddess & Wandering Faerie - mostly a personal page, lovely graphics, and very clean layout. make sure you check out the Faeries Among Us section for some cute effects and more purty graphics.

Faerie Folk at

Faerie Wicca at

Sidhe in Æternum - My friend Hazel Faery's site, beautiful graphics! Excellent content. She also makes faery techno music with her band Butterfly Messiah. faeries, fairy withcery, good fairy photos of her, poetry, healing gaia, magickal links.

World of Froud - Official Brian Froud Faeries website. One of the best ever faery artists, did set design for the movies The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth and illustrated several popular books including Fairies (1978), Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book, and Good Fairies/Bad Fairies, if none of these names are familiar to you, look through the site and I'm sure you'll recognize something. Also on the site: Info on his wife Wendy who creates adorable fairy dolls, merchandise, fairy e-cards, appearance dates, etc. Faeries - list of other names for faerie, faeries and their favorite plants & trees, locations of faerie myths, faerie superstitions, where to find them, how to call them & attract them, and some free faerie graphics you can use.

Dark Faerie Galleries - Faeries of the night, faeries of the forest, bondage faeries, faerie tatoos and some Froud.

The Art & Mind of Dave - a great unknown faery artist.

Love In the Asylum: Into the Trees - An Elven Image Gallery

Elfwood - tons of great fantasy art

Mermaid Net - Where the sirens scream.

The FairyWeb - poetry, literature, images, flower fairys, links. lots of graphics on the opening page, takes a while to load, and it's all just credits and banners.

Medieval, Ancient, Renaissance

Argos - Search engine of the Ancient and Medieval Internet.

MaLkAviAnS aNd MaLkAviAn SiTeS

(See Role Playing/Vampire: The Masquerade if you don't know)

Penn and Teller - the legendary kings of pranking.

The BoOK oF nOt! FAQ - the links to the book its notself are all down, I have it somewhere and someday I'll get around to posting it on the Malkavian Madness Network Webring site.

The MaLkAviAn MaDnEsS NeTwOrK WeBrInG - my webring. got an insane website? Join my ring, or just view the list of sites in the ring for hours of insanity.

Role Playing Role Playing Games

Shakespeare Eclectic Science Fiction Interactive Theatre - Interactive Drama Freeform Live Action Role Play & Educational Gaming Resources.

Continuum - a time travel RPG that a friend of mine is involved with creating and writing.

Mage: The Ascension

Orphan resources

Anders Mage page

Vampire: The Masquerade

Seasons of Darkness LARP - An NYC LARP (Live Action Role Play) I used to play in. (formerly The New Found Order).

Redrum Productions - Sabbat Larp held semi quarterly I think in NYC, run by an old LARP friend of mine.

Darkest Night - LARP at U of DE

General White Wolf/World Of Darkness Role-Playing

White Wolf

B.J. Zanzabar's World Of Darkness

Attributes Explained

Satan and Demons

Temple of Set

The Demonic Church of the Maridian Order

Serial Killers/Mass Murderers/True Crime

Sondra London - She's a journalist/authoir who focuses on serial killers, though the site isn't all about them anymore.

Casebook: Jack the Ripper - the world's largest public repository of Ripper-related information

Internet Crime Archives - Really good crime/cults/killers page

Unsolved Mysteries - the tv show - The Serial Killer Info Site, no sensationalism, no gore. Victim Awareness, Criminal Profiling, forensics, articles, case studies, interviews, book reviews.

Article on Dorothea Puente's coobook - California's most infamous female serial poisoner.

Access Manson - dedicated to Charles Manson. The creater of this site believes Manson was wronged, the site has updates on his current condition, info on trials & hearings, and other info. - Explore the Science of Forensic Entomology.

Popular Suicide - Popular ways to snuff it. Yes this is extremely tasteless, sick and morbid. <smile> I wasn't sure where to put it so I figured here would work.

Vampires Only

See the shopping page for fangmakers.

Pathway to Darkness - great halloween tips, party themes, recipies, costumes, vampire articles, films, music, books, art, fiction, anything you could ever need on vampires. (The halloween stuff may have all moved to

Channel 11's coverage of the NYC Vampyre Ball February 1999 (I was there, got flashed on TV for a few seconds even, see my picture gallery for screen shots of yours truly)

The Sanguinarium - The International Vampyre Connection

The Vampire's Crypt - A magazine devoted to vampire literature: New fiction and criticism, poetry, graphics, book reviews and more.

The New Jersey Association of Real Vampires (NJARV) - great vampy/gothy resources, from recommended books, to clothing and music shops in NJ.

Living Vampires Home Page - (formerly Real Vampires) The repository for a lifetime of research into the physical and spiritual nature of living vampires. Mythis & realities, booklist, news, classifieds, contacts, article archive.

Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Pages - for the confused lost children, mortals who want a better understanding, and not so confused ones, has personals, a library, section about common vamp problems, advice, etc.

Vampirism Research Institute

Vampire Moon - a weird online vampire saga. (This is from the same people who brought you the Spam Cam) - erotic vampiric stories, gallery, cards, booklist, discussion board.

Vampire White Pages - listing of vampires and other night children on the Internet, made up of Vampire Connection, Vampire Homes, and Vampire Yellow Pages.

Vampire Wine - not great quality, but it's a cute gimick, it's cheap, and the bottles are pretty.

Vario's White Pages - for vampires and vampire lovers.

Movie list about Vampyres - massive list of vampire related movies, last updated 1992.

Vampi The Vegetarian Vampire

Gothic Only

Also see the gothcraft section, I've moved all the decorating/fashion links there

Tamagothi - grow your virtual goth with speed, smack, light beatings and angst, also now there is the Punkemon.

NYC Gothic & Industrial Central - This is all you need for an evil visit to NYC. Contains listings of Darkside Club Guide, sinister merchants, nefarious activities (eats, sex, drinks, drugs, parks, museums), and where to chat with NYC goths. Nearly every entry has a commentary, description, address and often a photo.

the Gothik Girls - gothic Powerpuff Girls. - They don't claim to be *the* experts of goth, but at this new site they want to show that "goths" are human. "Goths and the gothic sub/culture do not condone violence. The terms 'goth' and 'gothic' are not equivalent to 'satanist' or 'satanistic'. Goth provides a darker and more in-depth way of looking at the world and embracing the darker sides of things. Goths laugh as hard as they cry and party as much as they pout- it's about a balancing of time between the experiencing of the extremes."

Gothnicity - how to be goth in less then an hour. Hair, face, skin, attitude, expression, accesories, social, these easy steps can make you goth too!

The Gothic Preservation Society - I don't think this is the same site I used to have, the old one is gone it seems. This one will do, it has scene news and gothic living which seems to be a write in questions and they will answer it sort of thing.

the Academia Gothica - where you too can get your basic education in the goth subculture!

Tenebrous Kate's Tenebrous Home Page - This NYC goth girl has great wit and sarcasm, site includes: gothic action figures, tribute to women in horror (Anne Rice, Poppy, Mary Shelley, etc), why satanism is silly, are you a vampire test, a humorous look at the Sanguinarium's vampire code of ettiquette. She also offers a Morbid Curiosity Award.

Tips on dating goth boys - (

How to be goth by - This is cute and silly, it links to a lot of well known goth sites.

GothdeCoder'98 - for decoding other people's goth code.

Reality Check - the Cattygoths finally got their own domain so we won't lose track of them. This site will have you rolling on the floor for a while, but I have read so many of these that they just are not as funny anymore. Definitly go spend a few hours on this site though, just the photos of the reality checks will crack you up.

Goth Goose of the week - hide your mansonite wannabe websites cause you'll be bashed to pieces here.

Goth X of the (X Duration) webring - here you can get your fill of beauties, uglies, spookies and goth dorks of the week.

Gracious Goth Faerie of the week

Cossack's Gothic Babe of the Week - I got this once :-). Got me a buttload of hits to my site.

Gothic Crackwhore of the week! - Mage awarded me this 10/13/97 (as AphexDommie)

Mage's Sleepy Hedgehog - he's not really goth anymore, he turned into a raver.

Wednesday's child - hilariuos goth cartoons, & art.

The Pan Pages - some gothic stuff & pictures, some kewl fun things to download

Blue Blood Magazine - goth magazine.

Propoganda Magazine - this zine of pretty people was my very first introduction to anything goth at all when I was in high school.

Gothic Beauty Magazine - Pretty self explanitory, new printed goth zine all about gothic fashion.

Carpe Noctem - a Dark Culture Magazine, filled with interviews, fiction, art, photography, reviews and articles. (I think they are done for good?)

The Aether Sanctum - a dark culture web zine (has a goth/industrial scene guide).

E-Rupture - gothy zine

DAMn! - industrial music zine.

Heliophobe - a not-so-sexual fetish magazine exclusively devoted to pale-skinned women

Gathering Darkness - online horror fiction zine.

Shattered Strength - Lady Jezabel's gothic site on music, fashion, events, she has great commentary on NYC's gothic events too in the fashion section. Although I must say I disagree with her on her extreme like of the band Juidth, and dislike for Voltaire. - current goth events, art, countdown to halloween, gothic graphics, goth drinks (ultra gawth lounge)

Death/Gore/Miscl Darkness/Supernatural

The Spook - Food, arts, literature, nature, wit. I just found this very cool free online magazine (June 2002). The current issue features(d) vampire authors. It looks completely professional and you can download it in one high res pdf file, and a some of the highights you can download on their own. I can't wait to go dive in and read this! I may print it out with my mega new printer. Looks like it was started July 2001. The issue I first saw featured garlic recipes from Anne Rice & other authors, an excerpt from Anne's upcoming book, and an interview with her by Konstantinos, and many vampy authors. There seems to be a lot of Anne Rice, Poppy Z. Brite & Chelsea Quinn Yarboro in many issues, but there are some non vampire things like Frida Kahlo, though I guess most is horror related. It's quality though, not every cheeseball vampire author there is, just top picks. (maybe this goes up in the vampires section.) - VERY cool galleries of death photography, death masks, and x-rays. Very very very cool pictures. Paranormal Phenomena

Dark Side of The Net - listing of gothic, vampiric, wiccan, pagan, occult, and other dark resources. Over 6100 working links, this is really the only link page you need.

a gothic ftp - tons of goth, vamp, music, books, etc. For the most part the last item was added in 1998 and one thing in 2000.

The Shadowlands - I wasn't sure exatly where to put this site. It's amazing to say the least. Stuff on ghosts, ufos,monsters, and other miscl things. Including an increidble collection of links (The Dark Side).

The Death Clock - The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away.. second by second. Like the hourglass of the Net, the Death Clock will remind you just how short life is.

Gothy-anime porn galleries

Dark Angels - members section of pretty goth/dark models (you know what members sections mean boys and girls: boobies!) - Erotic Esoterica, some goth links, content updated montly. - Goth Girls, Gothic Babes, Mistresses, Domination and Fetish pictures of real goths. Must be 18 to enter this site.

Ouija Help - How to Ouija, True stories sent in by users, Ouija Chat's, Reference Materials, mailing Lists.

Evil People Inc. - sell your soul online

The Torture Museum - virtual museum, history, info and pictures of torture and torture devices, Medieval, Modern and BDSM.

The Haunted - Webzine of Supernatural Horror. It will feature horror fiction short stories and they will publish your pictures of supernatural/paranormal phenomenon. (down last time I checked.)

The Torture Network - Extreme literature, photo galleries, Conspiracy! magazine, serial killers, executions, snuff, anarchy. Not for the queasy or under 18.

GoreZone - gory pictures, the site design looks great

Gore Gallery - all the stuff your mother didn't want you to see. Not for the weak stomached! (is this gone for good or just hacked??)

Stile Project - Gore gallery and porn.

rotten dot com - gallery of gore and sick stuff.

Defvac - gory pictures.

Museum of Unnatural Mystery - a slightly bizarre, cyberspace, science museum for all ages. UFOs, odd archaeology, etc.

The ShanMonster Page of Delights & Vertical Imagry - Find out why Jesus was Gother then you and other cool stuff. She is also a Malkavian so she is ok in my book.

Allura's Awakenings - resources for vampire, gothic, roleplaying, BDSM, and some other things like short stories and poetry.

EvilNet Red Pages - over a thousand vampire, gothic and dark links.

Dark Net - small but quality only collection of dark,gothic, fantasy, and evil links.

Morbid Fact Du Jour! - A morbid fact every day, complete with archives of past morbid facts. Don't miss the great page of dark and gruesome links either.

Cthulhu Sex - A magazine for discriminating Mature Readers of horror, erotica and everything in between.

The Los Angeles Grim Society - a nonprofit association of otherwise normal individuals who share the same morbid curiosity about the less savory aspects of the history of the city of Los Angeles.

Wicca/Witchcraft/Other Occult

Pagan/Wiccan at - spells, clip art, groups, druids, faeries, holidays, gods, goddesses, parenting, rituals, shops.

NYC Pagan Resource Guide - NY, NJ, CT areas, calendars, store/place listings, groups/resources, and info. - A Gathering of Ideas and People interested in Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Magick and Spells. Free e mail accounts, greeting cards, spells, resources, shopping, links, member area. This is a really great site.

Avatar Search - the search engine of the occult internet. they also have forums, an event calendar, and a banner exchange.

Esotericism search Engine - Search or browse all occult and esoteric topics, they also have a banner exchange.

Francesca's Wiccan & Faerie Grimoire - faerie wicca

Gaia's Circle - a webring of Crafty people, links to their sites Astrology New Age

Pagan Daybook II™ - for win 3.1, 95, 98 and NT. This is a really cute calendar and screen saver that shows todays moon cycle and notes any holidays. You can use the free version or buy something from them to get a reg code.

GothLike & Witchcraft - nice little area of brews & spells.

Library of the Magickal - Info on scents, auras, candles, baths, tarot, herbs & plants, stones, spells, and a few other things.

New Age Medicine/Healing/Health/Miscl Life

I put this here because believe it or not a lot of goths and dark people are into being healthy under all that alcohol. Many are vegetarians, partake in dance classes, martial arts, and turn to herbs and teas when feeling sick. Alternative Medicine Holistic Healing Agnosticism/Atheism Exotic Pets - I've got a ferret, cats and a horse myself, many goths have exotic animals, rats, birds, snakes, etc. Quitting Smoking

Budget Goths Tips & Tricks - Email discussion list Frugal Living - the more money you save the more vinyl corsets you can buy!! Freebies

Alternative Religions/Spirituality

Alan Watts (1915-1973) - I learned of him because WFMU plays his lecture tapes in a weekly hour long show, his teachings focus on Zen and discuss buddism and other related spirituality.

Worthy Causes/Organizations

See also Activism links. I contribute or belong to most of these (or will eventually). Don't forget, donations to non-profit organizations are tax deductable! Many museums and librarys take donations of any ammounts also. Nonprofit Charitable Orgs - find organizations for the cause you want, find nonprofit jobs, and tools for starting your own non profit groups.

Project Gutenberg - The Project Gutenberg Philosophy is to make information, books and other materials available to the general public in forms a vast majority of the computers, programs and people can easily read, use, quote, and search. Being a book freak, I absolutely love this cause, they are responsible for getting tons of entire books online and freely available to us every year. You can volunteer your time to help do this or send a donation of any amount. - with the click of your mouse, and no cost to you, you can easily help preserve the rain forests. Just click on the button, you can do it once a day so bookmark it and go back. Sponsors pay per click for so many acres.

Bat Conservation International - here you can join yearly which gets you bat magazines and other goodies in the mail, or adopt a bat for $15, or adopt a bat and join for $25. Makes a great present for your gothy girl or boifriend. You get to pick the type of bat you'd like to sponsor, mine even wrote me a letter! See! *holds up a typed letter from her bat*. The site also has a lot of info on bats, as well as projects, scholarships, etc.

The Planetary Society - here you can download free and run their special screensaver/program, SETI, to analyze radio waves they've received to check for signs of other life out there. You can join for $25/year, which gets you some nice color pictures of the planets and their magazine. This is a less vital but it's neat.

Hooved Animal Humane Society - I'll always have a soft spot for any animal that needs my help, especially horses. You can join for $35/year and get a quarterly magazine Hoofbeats, you can donate feed, tack, or any supplies, volunteer, or send a donation of any amount, it helps.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) - yeah so sometimes they're extreme, GOOD! We live in a savage society, it's not ok to murder a person, but do all you want to that monkey who looks at you with near human eyes and cries out in pain as he's gets bug spray poured in his eyes. Donate any amount to help.

The Association for Gravestone Studies - Founded in 1977 for the purpose of furthering the study and preservation of gravestones. Membership is around $30/year which gets you a quarterly bulletin, discounts on their publications, and access to their special library.

Cemetery-Photos - basically an email list you can subscribe to, you can volunteer to take photos of people's relative's grave monuments, memorials, etc in your area, or find a volunteer to take photos for you.

New Jersey Ghost Hunter Society - This one's not a vital cause, just fun and fascinating. Membership is only $10 and it gets you a membership card, admission into monthly meetings (held in Westfield, NJ), discounts on workshops, and the chance to participate in hands on investigations. If you live out of NJ you get a free online membership.

4-H - this is a nationwide youth organization that I was a big part of until I came of age and turned 19. I still help out every so often when I can. I was in the horse project area (Middlesex County, NJ), and I can truly say this had a large positive influence on me and my skills today. Here kids learn leadership, public speaking, and a lot about the specialty of their club, be it rockets, sewing, horses, baking, skateboarding, goats, computers, etc, and even may go on to state and national level competitions. If you have the time and an expertise, become a leader, even if you're not an expert, you can still help out doing tons of things, and they will take money donations as well as supplies (computers, horses, horse equipment, any equipment for meeting places or any project area). This is a place to learn to be the best you can. (Goddess that sounds corny.. But darn if it isn't true! Of course there's always backstabbing and plotting and scheming.. Just like real grown up life!)

Gothic Cat Rescue - of course anyone could utilize this I guess? Big listing of cats that need homes with full description.

Siamese cat Rescue - I'm very partial to this breed, I grew up with one and my parents have 2 right now that are the sweetest girls. As soon as I live where I'm allowed to, I'm getting a few of them.

Toys for Tots - Everyone pretty much knows about this one, they should collect all year but they only do it for the winter holiday.

EnviroLink - The online environmental community.



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